Chris D (aged 29)
I have had the pleasure of Elton's instruction for little over a year now. When I first arrived I had never picked up a guitar let alone played. In that 12 months I cannot believe the progress I have made, in fact, recently I have begun attending open mic nights. Elton makes learning the guitar a pleasure: he uses music I chose, to breakdown, understand and play, the constant progression under Elton really keeps interest and encourages me to continue playing. Elton is also a great guy to be around, very esy to get along with and a real character if ever there was one! Not only do I view Elton as a tutor but now a friend who has inspired me and really helped me accomplish a long time goal... to play and enjoy music! Cheers, Elton!

David G (age 71)
Elton understands music and rhythm right down to their roots. More importantly he also understands people. He is able to present techniques and music theory in bite size pieces and builds up from the fundamentals. The song sheets he prepares are superb, containing strumming/picking patterns, bar and chord patterns, tabs etc. Like all good teachers he remembers 'beginner's mind' and recognises the pitfalls. Since joining "Frets on the Tyne" at St Mary's Heritage Centre I have learned a load of good stuff and unlearned an equal amount of bad stuff. Not so easy at 71. I wish I'd met Elton earlier in my life.

Dee S (age 49)
It is nearly 2 years since I came to Elton with basic guitar skills at the tender age of 47. In that time Elton has been an inspiration and through his lessons I have progressed to playing at busker's nights and earlier this year started to play paid gigs. I cannot recommend Elton highly enough. his lessons are tailored to your needs and not only is he a great motivator and musician I also regard him as a friend.
Mick B (age 54)
After 30 years of not playing I decided to relive my teenage years and bought myself a guitar. I tried to teach myself but was finding it very hard to get back into it. I started taking lessons and I have never looked back. In April 2013, My son, Paul, was marrying his girlfriend, Paula. I came up with the idea of learning to play and sing the 1963 hit 'Hey Paula' by Paul & Paula. Elton arranged the song for me and at the reception I performed to over 100 guests. Without Elton's help and experience there is no way I would have been able to have done this. Elton gave me the support, motivation and confidence to be able to get up and perform in front of an audience.

Carolyn (age 27)
After singing in a band for a few years I decided that it was time to get some guitar lessons and enable myself to write my own music. I was impressed with our initial communications because he asked me what my goals were and for examples of the type of music I would aspire to play. It was clear that he had created a  personalised lesson plans and had really listened to what I wanted to achieve.
With Elton's help I wrote two songs and learnt some lovely fingerstyle patterns. I left with a wide portfolio of cover songs and the confidence and ability to create my own music. Playing and singing at the same time is not so easy as it looks and Elton had lots of helpful advice and tips. I never thought I would get to where i am with my guitar playing in such a short time. It was Elton who got me there.
Mathew D (age 22)
I had received lessons for 3 months with a bad teacher which put me off playing for years and had been trying to teach myself via youtube. I was stuck and had no idea where to go with my playing or how to improve. He introduced me to fingerstyle guitar and so much music which I love and can't stop playing. I performed several of these pieces at Saltwell Park bandstand also recording them for youtube.  

Chris M (age 19)
I started playing guitar when I was 16 and attempted to learn very complicated things and failed. I decided that I needed a teacher. We focused on learning different pieces of my choice but as my playing improved, Elton taught me how to work pieces out for myself: how to use scales, modes, keys and chords. After 3 years of lessons I am incredibly satisfied with my playing.

John B (age 55)
I started taking guitar lessons with Elton in February 2012 after an unsuccessful attempt with another local teacher. Elton is very professional and dedicated. Not only to music but to teaching. He is very patient and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. His studio set up is a comfortable and relaxing environment which is very important when it comes to learning. 
Steven W (age 29)
I can't recommend him enough and haven't been able to find another tutor since moving away that enabled such quick progression. He was also extremely helpful in advising me on buying a new guitar and amp after I'd moved away.

Jim W (age 57)
After a recommendation from a work colleague I gave Elton a call as I didn't seem to be making much progress with my present tutor. What you get from Elton as a tutor is someone who has the ability to impart his knowledge of guitar playing in a patient, good humoured and constructive way which in turn makes you want to learn more.

Daniel G (age 16)
My previous teacher was not turning up for lessons and songs were not being completed. The quality of my playing was rapidly going backwards. My next task was to find a more sufficient teacher. In lessons Elton creates a very relaxed atmosphere, setting realistic targets for your next session. His lessons are always well prepared and progress is guaranteed with every lesson.

John L (age 47)

After a hard day's work on a monday I really look forward to the sessions, a discussion about progress and an hour of practice to point me in the right direction. When I first met Elton I was a total beginner with a guitar and a guide to playing which I couldn't understand a word of. It is he hardest skill I have ever tried to master. The lessons keep you right on track and save many thousand wasted hours. Elton is a cracking chap, an excellent teacher and mine of musical information. 
Gareth N (age 29)
I have made more progress in one year with Elton than my last three years of self teaching. Elton's tailored lessons focus on the music and the songs you want to learn. His friendly and enthusiastic personality makes Elton a great teacher who you feel completely comfortable with. This comes in really handy when you need to ask him to show you the same riff for the 20th time that lesson. I really can't recommend him highly enough.

David W (age 32)
As a complete beginner, only having self taught a few open chords, Elton took me in and expertly ironed out the technical mistakes and bad habits I had already got myself into. He provides relaxed lessons that are devised specifically to your own needs and move you towards where you would like to be as a guitarist. He is a very patient tutor, happy to spend time on the technical detail which will exponentially improve your playing in the long run. Elton also puts in the hard work outside of the lessons as well, tabbing out songs into a form which is appropriate to your current standard of playing.
Ian M
I chose Elton because when I first spoke to him he had a great enthusiasm and an obvious love of music. he always lived up to my initial impression. I have been having lessons for a year and I always look forward to them. He has helped me with my song writing and gave me the confidence to play a live concert. It was a great achievement after only a few months of lessons.

Wayne S
Every lesson to date has left me in a better position than the one before and at 9m on a wednesday evening when I arrive back home the wife sees me at my most uplifted. More than after golf or the football.

Alison S (parent of Duncan, aged 13)
Duncan started as a complete beinner with Elton just a few months ago and I have been really pleased with Elton's approach, concentrating on good technique from the outset. The lessons are well prepared and well paced and have always been fun. Progress is guaranteed every time.