About me

I have been teaching guitar fulltime for 10 years and for over 25 years music making has been part of my everyday life: playing, writing and recording songs with friends, attending singing, music technology, jazz, folk, improvisation, performance and song writing workshops, working as a PA to the organiser of the acoustic stage at Solfest in Cumbria (which I also played on), playing at both my mum and dad's 60th birthdays, performing at open mic and jamming nights and organising events at saltwell park bandstand.I started playing when I was 16 having bought my first amp and electric guitar with money made from stacking jars of pickled onions on a supermarket shelf during the summer holidays. After 6 months of hacking away at the strings i decided to tune it. I learnt 3 chords from a book; A minor, C and E and wrote my first song.

I never enjoyed music at school. We were made to read music and play scales to a metronome on horrible electronic keyboards. A bad teacher can damage you for life but I didn't even connect what we were doing at school with my own musical activities at home: jamming with friends, figuring out songs by ear from vinyl LPs and recording the results onto a shoebox cassette recorder.

Of all the performances and compositions I have done the one that i am most proud of was the instrumental piece I played at my grandmothers funeral. I was told by my auntie how proud my grandmother had been of me; my playing and, most importantly to her, that I was making a living from something I loved. Damn right she was too.